Faster onboarding on new tasks.


Reduction in key employee risk.


Increase in employee satisfaction

Making expertise visible

The Pairmeup chatbot integrates with Jira's task management software and helps you identify and use key talent inside your company.

Discover Synergies

  • Boost Collaboration: Spot teams with aligned goals.
  • Avoid Redundancy: Streamline tasks by identifying overlaps
  • Unlock Innovation: Foster discussions for fresh solutions

Find mentors

  • Enhance onboarding efficiency by connecting employees with experienced coding experts
  • Accelerate learning through targeted pair programming
  • Increase employee satisfaction and decrease employee churn

Mitigate key employee risk

  • Identify valuable employees within your organization
  • Upskill employees with similar responsibilities
  • Reducing the risk of valuable employees leaving the company
  • Ensuring that the knowledge and expertise are shared and retained within the organization

Streamline project staffing

  • Match project requirements with top-notch professionals from your talent pool
  • Increase productivity and accelerate project timelines through data-driven project staffing
  • Optimize team allocation and achieve agile staffing for efficient project execution.


Pairmeup connects your employees with experts inside your company - reducing onboarding time, helps you build resilient teams and making project staffing easy. Our pricing scales with the size of your company.
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